[ Formerly ICDS Securities Limited ]
CIN : U65110KA1995PLC017907

Trading Member ID.: NSE: 07637, BSE: 3235, MCX-SX: 19200
SEBI Regn Nos.: INZ000011932

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MEMG Securities Limited is now an un-listed company with effect from 12 Nov 2014 as per letter from OTC Exchange of India dated 13 Jan 2015 and BSE notice dated 11 Nov 2014.
OTC Exchange Letter : OTCEI
BSE Notice                : http://www.bseindia.com/20141111-37

Process for Sale/Purchase of shares through BSE Dissemination board :
  • Buyer(s) or Seller(s) of securities of such companies can disseminate their bids/offers using the services of the Trading Members of BSE.
  • Trading Member shall act as “Point of Contact” for registered client, for executing the bids/ offers placed by such client.
  • Trading Members shall place the bid/ offer requests on BEFS system -https://befs.bseindia.com. The “Members User Manual” is attached with this notice as Annexure I
  • No direct interface will be provided to the buyer/ seller to upload their bids/ offers on BSE DB.
  • The bids/ offers will be displayed in a separate section for BSE DB on BSE Website (www.bseindia.com), alongwith other details of the bid/ offer requests, the Investors/ Trading Members contact details shall be displayed if any.
  • There will be no matching of trades on BSE DB. The trades resulting out of bids/offers posted on BSE DB will be cleared and settled outside BSE/ ICCL (Indian Clearing Corporation Ltd.) and BSE/ ICCL will not guarantee the clearing and settlement of such trades.
  • The buyers and sellers on BSE DB will not have any recourse to the investor grievance redressal mechanism, including arbitration and Investor Protection Fund (IPF), for trades executed pursuant to bids/ offers posted on BSE DB.
  • Trading Members or Investors can view bids/ offers posted on BSE DB and directly contact the counter party Trading Member/ Investor to negotiate and conclude the trade.
  • Trading Members can modify/ cancel the bid(s), the updated status will be displayed on BSE DB
  • On execution of trade, Trading Members shall be required to suitably update those bids/offers on BEFS system, which will be accordingly updated on the BSE DB

BSE Dissemination Board : http://www.bseindia.com/investors/Dissem_board.aspx

For further details / assistance please feel free to contact us.
Phone No. : 080 40197805, 080 40197809
Email Id : info@memgsecurities.com , dsreepathi@memgsecurities.com